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new roof sheathing over old

new roof sheathing over old


New roof decking over old questions - Roofing/ConstructionMar 13, 2019 - Hi all, I'm not a roofer but have construction experience. I'm having a re-roof done on a circa 1960's house built with trusses on 24" centersWhy Do We Need to Re-sheet Over the Existing Shiplap on roofers can't just install new shingles and roofing accessories over your existing r .  shakes roof, check out our discussion of re-sheeting over skip-sheathing
Don't put new roof sheathing over old - Baltimore SunAug 26, 2001 - Roy Gingrich of Ellicott City has a 40-year-old house with an asphalt shingle roof surface. The existing asphalt shingles need replacement, so he Re-roofing over old roof boards - GreenBuildingAdvisorJun 6, 2017 - Hi, I'm planning on re-roofing an older cabin (in zone 5) that has various sized  do I have to rip off all the old boards to the rafters and then put new sheeting?  or OSB over the boards, taping the seams of the new sheathing, Sheathing Over Existing Sheathing Question - Roofing/SidingI had one layer of asphalt shingles that is being completely removed before the new roof goes on. My existing sheathing is plywood and is soft Roof Sheathing - Forum - Bob VilaJul 5, 2004 - As long as the new plywood itself can span the distance and carry the roof, wind, seismic and snow loads for your region, adding new ply over old 

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